Age Limit (Classwise)

The normal age groups for admission to the various classes are as follows:

01Nursey2.5 Years    to    3.5 Years
02LKG3.5 Years    to   4.5 Years
03UKG4.5 Years    to    5.5 Years
04Grade-15.5 Years    to    6.5 Years
05Grade-26.5 Years    to    7.5 Years
06Grade-37.5 Years    to    8.5 Years
07Grade-48.5 Years    to    9.5 Years
08Grade-59.5 Years    to    10.5 Years
09Grade-610.5 Years    to    11.5 Years

Age limit for particular classes will be strictly adhered to. Students too old/Young for a class will not be admitted.

Age Limit updated as on 1st June 2021