To encourage and to promote healthy competition, Star Certificates will be awarded to students from Standard I at the end of each term.

70% – 79%Bronze Certificate
80% – 89%Silver Certificate
90% and aboveGold Certificate
  • Proficiency prize and Star certificates will not be awarded if a student misses any of the exams in part or in full.
  • Proficiency prize and star Certificates will be awarded on the basis of the student’s performance in the major subjects.
  • As a policy the school does not allow students to take leave during examination / assessments days. In case, of emergency, prior permission must be sought from Principal and a detailed letter with supporting documents must be submitted.
  • No re-examinations / assessments will be held in the event of a student missing an examination. In such cases, the average of the attended examinations/assessments will be taken into consideration for promotion.
  • Students with outstanding performance in academics, sports and curricular activities will be awarded and All Rounder Trophy and a Certificate.