Inspiring Learners Toward Greater Heights

          The Vision of Golden International School is commitment to the holistic development of the child, through Quality Education, Uniqueness in Teaching, bringing the Inherent Talent and unfolding the Creative Thinking.

          We Believe in upholding the dignity of every individual. We therefore ensure that no discrimination based on caste, creed, language, community or economic status will be made in our admission and other school policies. We Believe that a pleasant and orderly environment is necessary for good teaching and learning to occur. This is further enhanced through the dynamic leadership of the Principal and a professionally alert staff.

          We Believe in providing good and modern instructional materials to help to increase the child’s innate potential to the maximum so as to facilitate life-long teaching. We Believe that education is a community enterprise therefore, we will have a close working rapport with parents and share with them our beliefs and values regarding the true purpose of education and we will encourage our students to reach out to our local community especially to the underprivileged to improve their quality of life.

          We Believe that while academic excellence will be given priority, we will work towards the total development of the physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, aesthetic dimensions of each child’s personality so that they become confident and capable of facing the challenges of life.